content_copy First Journal Entry! – Flutterby Fox

First Journal Entry!

I have waited all year, as I do every year, for October. It has always been my favorite month. This October is particularly special because it is the official grand opening of this website. It has been in the works for years, but I finally got to make it happen during my first quarantine of the pandemic. I got more accomplished in those two weeks than I ever imagined possible. 

After the website was built, I started an Instagram and revamped the old Facebook page I had made for my Etsy shop. It is hard to get traffic on those platforms, but slow and steady wins the race. The challenge is finding the motivation to do it every day. Marketing the website and the pages isn't quite as fun as designing them! Yet, this month has been a little different. Maybe it is the magic of October finally bringing it all together. 

My very first advertisement for the website will be in two different magazines published within the next couple weeks! I had hoped to be in the October issue of FAE magazine for ages and I was able to pull things together to make it happen. By chance, I stumbled across Witch Magazine this week. It is a stunning read and I emailed them immediately to see if I could advertise this month. Both ads I submitted have a coupon exclusive to those magazine. I can hardly wait to see how the two issues turn out. Subscribed and ready to read! 

That's all for now! May your day be magical...