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About Our Pages

The Pages

After purchase, you will be able to download a JPEG image measuring 8.5 by 11 inches. This is standard computer paper size.

Custom Work

We always accept requests for custom work and designs! Visit our Custom Work tab or request a custom order through our Etsy store.

Returns and Refunds

Due to the nature of our pages as Digital Downloads, we cannot accept returns. Once you download the page, it is yours. There is no way to return a digital file. If you are ever unhappy with your order, please contact us within 24 hours of purchase and we will discuss which steps to take.

No Shipping Required

Our pages are digital and ready made which means you can print them at home and start writing right away. Print them as many times as you like for your own personal use. Don't want to use your own ink? Send them to your favorite local printer!

Terms, Licensing and Usage

Pages are for PERSONAL USE only. Our pages are not for commercial use. Each page is a work of love and belongs to Fluterby Fox. Online use is permitted IF Flutterby Fox is credited. If you have any questions about use or licensing, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Ordering Through Etsy

If you would prefer to order pages through Etsy and you do not see the page you want listed in our Etsy store, please contact us either through this website or our Etsy store. We can create a custom listing for you.

A little about me...

My name is Autumn and I am the artist behind Flutterby Fox. I started out with the simple intention of creating a few pages for my own personal use after being unable to find ones that spoke to me. It quickly grew into an obsession. I have found so much joy and contentment in creating these designs and sharing them with others. 

To the left is a picture of my desk where I do most of my work. With a little music and a cat on my lap, I can sit for hours working on stationery designs or searching for new inspiration. Below, you can find a link to my personal instagram for a glimpse into my adventures. 

How I create...

Currently, I am using an old photo editing program on an old laptop. One of these days I will learn how to use  an updated editing program, but it is hard to make the change.

 To begin, I start with a little inspiration. I create the background first and add texture to give it some interest. From there, it is a matter of layering images on top of one another to create a collage. I add the lines to finish it off. 

Most of my inspiration comes from nature and mythology. I use a mixture of public domain images, vintage art, my own sketches, and photographs taken by friends and family. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is just one (or two) things I don't like about one of the pages. Can you tweak it for me?

Of course! All of our pages can be adjusted and tweaked to suit your needs. We can change the colors, line size, images, etc. We can even remove the background if you would prefer to print on colorful paper or simply like a white background for your pages. Visit our tab about custom work to get more details! 

Why won't the image fill the whole page when printed?

All of the pages are 8.5 x 11 inch jpeg images. This means they are the same size as a standard piece of printing paper. If your page is printing with a white frame or border around it, that can be fixed in your printer's settings. Googling the issue along with your model of printer will usually bring up instructions on how to change the settings. If you aren't sure how to change them or cannot, I suggest copying the image and pasting it into a program like Microsoft Word or Paint. From there, you can move the image around and adjust it to the size you need. 

Where is the shipping info?

All of our pages are digital files which means you can print them from home instantly after your purchase. No shipping required! Currently, we do not have the means to print and ship the pages to customers. Perhaps one day! 

Can I resell the pages after I print them?

These pages are not for resale. Each one is a work of love. They are for personal use only. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to send a message. We would be happy to discuss it with you! 

I bought a set and it is a Zip file. How do I open it?

Zip files are an easy way to download several files at once. Click here for tips on opening zip files.